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  • Thermal Electric Generator 
  • Pocket size
  • Foldable
  • Power Bank
  • Touch Switch
  • 3 Wind Speeds
  • Automatic Control
  • Light Weight
  • Ship Out Within 40 hours.  4-15 Days Deliveried In General (Vary With Different Countries And Regions)

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3 years of Aishu Care warranty service
FlameCube parameters

Perfect to fit in bag:

The FlameCube’ ultra-compact size makes it perfect to fit in a bag. It’s literally the size of an apple, and it weighs exactly what you’d expect it to.     
Schematic diagram of how the flamecube works
Using twigs, pine cones or other biomass fuel to build a fire. With fire, the thermoelectric generators inside of the FlameCube can turn heat into electricity!   Then use a portion of the electricity to power fans , pumping in more fresh air to help the fire burn cleaner and hotter.  While most of the electricity to charge phone or stored in a built-in lithium-ion battery of FlameCube.
Come equipped with 2500mah rechargeable Lithium battery:
  • It can work as a Powerbank to charge your phone even without a live fire.
  • Then the FlameCube can use the thermal energy to re-charge itself.
Using an integrated USB port:
  • You can power your USB devices, such as a a phone, USB LED light etc.

Just unfold, pull out the blue control module, and lock in place.

  • Double Jets & High Efficiency & Smokeless.
  • Super Firepower, about 4 minutes to boil 1L water.
  • Quick disassembly without any tools.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Can be used as a regular wood stove.

Rotatable pot holders allows FlameCube to fit cookwares in different sizes.

Unique air outtake :  Use the Simulate tools to analogy the airflow in the combustion chamber, to adjust the air passages to make this stove more efficiency and more powerful without smoke. With the special support design, no matter the twigs enters the combustion chamber at any angle and in any position, it can be supported by those triangular support points, leaving a gap for fresh air to pass through, which can significantly improve combustion efficiency and reduce smoke. And even if the twigs become charcoal, it can still maintain a higher heat output power. And what’s more is FlameCube would be better able to handle the moisture twigs too.
Side damping strip design:  Increases friction and makes it easier to pull the control module out.
Refuel Notch & Hinge structural design: We’ve designed wood refuel notches for the stove, so you don’t have to pick up the pot every time you reload. Due to the Hinge structural design, can keep FlameCube simple, strong and lightweight.
Multiplier: A small amount of water is required to dramatically increase the power generation capacity of the FlameCube.
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