Why Created FlameCube ?

Cui Yu, the designer of FlameCube .

In 2015, he ventured out on a special journey by bike across the whole of China on his own. Over 9 months he traveled more than 13,000 miles across a majority of what people could describe as noman’s land such as large plateaus, snow land, deserts & wilderness.

It was really an amazing journey, but since most of the areas he passed were no-man’s land, most of the time he had no means to charge his phone or other devices, he couldn’t film all those memorable scenes. And sometime there’s no more power for navigation, he couldn’t even call for help in an emergency.

In the meantime, he have to carry a lot of supplies and equipments, makes the journey more difficult. In 2016, Cui Yu started drafting up a plan for FlameCube. A lightweight camping stove for any adventurer or outdoor-fan like himself.

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