FlameCube mini : A Solar Recharge Super Compact Foldable Camping Stove

Solar charges the battery—the battery powers the turbofan—the turbofan boost camping flame. 

Perfect Loop! Make sense?

Super Compact, foldable. FlameCube mini is the smallest wood camping stove you can find with a built-in turbofan.

Even better, the FlameCube mini is a power bank that can charge your phone or other USB gadgets.

FlameCube mini coming soon

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Uncovered Features

Foldable design. As a whole, no separate parts, no need worry about losing components

Solar panel built-in. Solar charge battery,battery powered turbo fan,turbo fan boost flame. Perfect loop!Totally off grid.

Got solar and rechargeable battery to
have an unlimited power capacity. So another thing makes the FlameCube mini even more perfect is the Powerbank feature. You can use it to power your phone, USB light, etc.

With the help of turbo fan, fresh air is pumped into the combustion chamber to boost the burning of wood. That’s why FlameCube mini will give you so powerful Thermal Output while still being efficient and smokeless.

Small shape, easy to put into the pocket. As a camper, you’ll have more room in your backpack for more supplies

When you have all camping supplies on your shoulders, you can better understand the importance of being light. That’s why we’re working so hard to reduce the weight gram by gram,cuz we wanna give you the best.

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